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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Mayan Garden in Canada

Companion Planting: Mayan Agriculture in Canada

A few years ago it became fashionable to plant the 'Three Sisters', a method of inter cropping developed by the Mayan's to produce all three of their staple crops on one plot of land.

The basic method used in 'Three Sisters' planting is to plant Corn, Beans, and Squash in the same vegetable patch. The Sweet corn will grow tall and strong and provide a support for the Beans. The Beans grow up the Corn whilst adding Nitrogen to the soil, and the Squash plants spread out around the base and proved a live mulch and spiky protection. A simple and natural way to inter crop your vegetables


Montreal Canada is not a tropical zone for agriculture, having winters that can approach arctic temperatures of -40F (-40C), but blessed with summers that are frost free from early May to mid October. The months from May to September are the prime time for agriculture, as October time is not ideal for plants. In late summer, early autumn, the temperatures at night are becoming colder which produces dampness. This favours insects and rot, so as a consequence, the plants tend to become diseased and cease to be productive.

Montreal summers are warm to hot (10-20 days of 30+C (high 80's+F), with good sunshine and ample rainfall (usually). The southern Quebec region is between 45 and 47 in latitude, resulting in days having sunrise before 5am (Daylight Savings time) and sunset after 8 pm. 


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