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Monday, March 7, 2016

Views from Quebec City (only walled city in North America)

Quebec City in Canada (Province of Quebec) is one of the oldest continually settled European colonies in North America (outside of Mexico). This town has been fought over for centuries and was French for about 1.5 centuries. In 1763 the Treaty of Paris ceded this part of North America to English Empire (French decided to keep Martinique and Guadeloupe since the sugar trade (powered by African Slaves) was more lucrative.) The French also keep St. Pierre and Miquelon because of access to rich fishing grounds on the Grand Banks. To the French, Quebec was 'quelques arpents de neiges' (several acres of snow) according to the French philosopher Voltaire (Cogno, ergo sum) (I think, therefore I am) was his famous revelation. Obviously he didn't think much of Quebec, otherwise he would have argued to keep it.....since it also was access to MidWest US up to and including Minnesota. Quebec has maintained its distinct French identity thru the centuries partly because of the Quebec Act by Lord Dorchester which allowed the King's subjects in British North America to maintain their religion (primarily if not exclusively Roman Catholic) and language, and manner of laws (based on Civil Law, making it the only jurisdiction in North America (other than Louisiana or Louisiane, which was also French, but sold to US by Napoleon to raise money for wars with the British Empire).

Wrought Iron gates outside the former semainaire (university Laval)
(La Fabrique) in old town Quebec City.

Tourist shopping street (narrowest street in North America)

Cannons to fight off the French, or English or Americans. In the background (the green ....appears Cap Diamant (Cape Diamond) which occupies the highest point above the Fleuve St Laurent (St Lawrence River....a Fleuve is a major river that empties to the sea: there is tide water in Quebec City of up to 10 feet upon occasion)
This site contains the Fortress of Quebec, a British styled redoubt, fortress that is fortified with earthen and stone perimeter into which is built the quarters for small army contingent, including a dwelling for the Lieutenant Governor of Quebec, the Viceroy representative of the Queen of Canada (presently Queen Elizabeth II).


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