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Thursday, February 13, 2014

family cemetary, old stones, New Brunswick, Loyalists

 Ancient Cemetary from 1800, overgrown but still active (for a cemetary).


This cemetary is on the crown land grant (when Loyalists moved from USA after the American Revolution. The Dykeman Dyckman family was from northern Manhattan but the Loyalists (who sided with George III, instead of George Washington, who became president). George Washington took over the Black Horse Inn (Tavern) on the Albany Post Road (also known as Broadway) and some Dyckman farmland and houses. The current Dyckman House ( in New York City north of Dyckman Street is the only Dutch farmhouse from the 18th century left on Manhattan Island. Original house was destroyed by American Revolutionary forces. William Dyckman's brother Garrett, decided to move to British North America after that, and was given a land grant on Grand Lake of New Brunswick (1/2 mile front, 2 miles back..just guessing). Name changed as well from Dyckman to Dykeman (originally was Dijckman) and the land is occupied by Dykeman family ever since.

This cemetary is where these Loyalists are buried.


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