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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dyckman House in Harlem NY

The last farmhouse on Manhattan dates from 1700's and was occupied by William Dyckman who was a farmer and businessman in Northern Manhattan, Harlem...but what is now Spanish Harlem.

This area is very overbuilt with tenement houses now surrounding the old farmhouse. The street that it is on (Broadway) has been flattened and straightened over the centuries and now is 10 feet or more lower than the front entrance of the farmhouse.

The land around the house is very peaceful as being now 10-20 feet higher than the local traffic, has a lower noise level, plus many trees are planted around the terrain affording extra sound dampening.

A picture below shows the look at the turn of the previous century, (over 100 years ago).

There is a website for this museum which is


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