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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Newfoundland in May

enjoyed fine Newfoundland hospitality with all my 'buddies' down on the West Coast (of Newfoundland), plus a wonderful cruise on the Blue Puttees of the Marine Atlantic fleet which crosses between Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and Port-aux-Basques, NL. The total crossing time one way is between 6-7 hours depending on the time of day (night crossings seem to be longer, or maybe its the time change??....left slightly before midnight NL Time and arrived about 7 or 730 am Atlantic Time, guess that is more than 7 hours).

West Coast of Newfoundland is misty and moody sometimes, warm and inviting others. Within 24 hours there were both. The coast range of mountains holds the low clouds and also they are high enough to capture snow (in May/April).

cloud layers over St John's NL

small village at sunset

ski hill outside of Corner Brook NL

Roadbed of the Newfoundland Railway

Steam train from NFLD Railway, Newfie Bullet

raining in Port-aux-Basques harbour

morning sun and propellor effects

WRECKHOUSE site....home of 200km/hr winds which used to blow the Newfoundland Railway trains off the tracks

Riopelle at UNION STATION in Toronto, Via Rail lounge

Quiche Festival (HOMEMADE) chez nous

Place des Arts Salle Wilfred Pelletier from a loge

The images that follow provide a brief snapshot of these conditions and the empty landscape.
Corner Brook NL, Railway Museum...NFLD Railway was a narrow gauge (3' 6")
 which doomed it when it was to be integrated with North American Standard Gauge (4'8')


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